About plug-in security

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坤 钟 posted this 4 weeks ago

I received an email today saying that the plug-in has a security vulnerability. Is this true?


Hello pervert, I've sent this message from your iCloud mail.


I want to inform you about a very bad situation for you. However, you can benefit from it, if you will act wisеly.

 Have you heard of Pegasus? This is a spyware program that installs on computers and smartphones and allows hackers to monitor the activity of device owners. It provides access to your webcam, messengers, emails, call records, etc. It works well on Android, iOS, and Windows. I guess, you already figured out where I’m getting at.

 It’s been a few months since I installed it on all your devices because you were not quite choosy about what links to click on the intеrnеt. During this period, I’ve learned about all aspects of your private life, but one is of special significance to me.

R P posted this 4 weeks ago


The Pegasis2 is a computer storage device, not a plugin.

What you have recieved in email is known as SPAM, this is an attempt to extort money. We have recieved hundreds of these emails and I get them at home as well.

Just delete the email and block the sender.

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