Hi folks. A Pegasus2 asked me to install a large amount of macOS Catalina on the M4. Through Thunderbolt, I connected with the M4, the MacBook Pro running 15 "MacOS High Sierra (10.14.6) at the end of 2013.

I can use Disk Utility to delete one of the 4TB disks and created a 4TB APFS container. I have a current 10.15.1 macOS Catalina installer which I opened and showed the above 4TB APFS volume. The installer takes a few minutes and then restarts as expected.

There are things that stop it. I'm waiting for Mac to reboot and continue to recover Catalina, but that's not the case. Mac simply retracts from the built-in SSD and re-enters MacOS High Sierra.
You can look at the result https://www.wowessays.com/topics/ . When the M4 sounds up, I can see that the target is a folder called Catosina "macOS Install Data".

Does anyone have an idea why I can't install MacOS Catalina on this Pegasus2 M4? I tried installing the MacOS boot from the built-in SSD and creating a USB MacOS installation disk. Both methods appear to fail at the same point after the first reboot of the macOS installer.