3x4 vs 6x2 (newbie question, cannot find answer anywhere)

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Victor Dweck posted this 18 May 2019

Hi experts, I have searched everywhere for this answer, but cannot find it.

I will be using this RAID for 4k editing in Final Cut on an iMac Pro.

Let's say there are two RAID 0 setups, Setup 1 with 12TB spread across two drives (6x2) and Setup 2 with 12TB spread across four drives (3x4).

Is Setup 2 faster than the Setup 1, because the 12TB is spread across four drives? Or are they both the same in terms of performane?

I am planning on only using RAID 0, and so am trying to figure if I should buy a single 12TB HDD (which is cheaper than a RAID), or set up a RAID 0 12TB. And if it's a RAID 0 12TB, if the number of bays matters.

Thank you SO MUCH. I literally searched Google everywhere and could not find this answer.


P B posted this 22 May 2019


When a logical drive is striped, the read and write blocks of data are interleaved between
the sectors of multiple physical drives. Performance is increased, since the workload is balanced
between drives or “members” that form the logical drive. Identical drives are recommended for
performance as well as data storage efficiency.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Implements a striped disk array, the data is broken down into blocks and each block is written to a separate disk drive
  • I/O performance is greatly improved by spreading the I/O load across many channels and drives
  • No parity calculation overhead is involved
  • Not a true RAID because it is not fault-tolerant
  • The failure of just one drive results in all data in an disk array being lost
  • Not suitable for mission-critical environments


Is Setup 2 faster than the Setup 1, because the 12TB is spread across four drives? Or are they both the same in terms of performance?

The more drives configured in an array, the higher the performance will be as there are more members in the array; however, I do not recommend using RAID0 as it provides no fault-tolerance.

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