2 disk arrays configured with the same LD

  • Last Post 18 October 2021
Tony Danilian posted this 18 October 2021


I have 2 Disk arrays configured with set of disks, however both of the arrays show DISK10 in their list of disks.

When I check the status of the first array the disk shows as "OK" but the other array shows the disk as "dead"

Is there a way to replace DISK 10 with DISK 8 without disturbing the LUN?

I know it's a long shot to expect to get answer about this fossil device but I have no where else to go :(  

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R P posted this 18 October 2021

Hi Tony,

Can you upload a service report?

Tony Danilian posted this 18 October 2021

Thank you for your quick reply :) 

I'm not very familiar with this device, could you please tell where I can find the service report? 

R P posted this 18 October 2021

Hi Tony,

From the Product Manual

Saving a System Service Report
To save a System Service Report as a compressed HTML file:
1. Click the Subsystem icon in Tree View.
2. Click the Administrative Tools icon.
3. Click the Save System Service Report link.
4. On the Information tab, click the Save button.
5. In the dialog box, click the Save File option, then click the OK button.
The service report is saved to the Host PC from which you access WebPAM
PROe. The file name includes subsysteminfo, the date, and html.