12 Gb/s SAS and J630S

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Jack Shaftoe posted this 11 June 2019


In the "VTrak Ex30 and Jx30 Drive Compatibility List" section of the "VTrak Ex30 SR6.2 Compatibility List v1.06" it lists 512n and 512e 12 Gb/s drives, however I have not been able to bring online (tested) Hitachi 4 TB SAS drives. Specifically, the HGST HUS726040ALS210 drive shows no sign of life when inserted into a J630S. Inserting the HUS726040ALS210 drives into the built-in SAS/SATA slots of a Dell server and other JBODs works normally.

Is there a workaround for this or any other way to bring these drives online in a J630S?


Thank you!

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robbie sutcliffe posted this 07 December 2022

I'm experincing the same issue now, after weeks of testing different SAS drives in different enclosures I have been unable to get any of my 12Gb/s drives to work in the J630s.

My firmware is up to date on the JBOD and has been re-installed just incase.

I've tested many different configurations of varying JBODs and HBA cards and the only device that wont talk to these 12Gb/s SAS drives is the J630s.

Anybody got an answer ?

Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 07 December 2022

12Gb/s SAS drives are not compatible with the 6Gb Ex/Jx30. You will need a dongle that will allow these drives to be used.


Kindly contact sales@promise.com to purchase the 12G SAS dongle board.