1 Pegasus2 missing, one shows on new M1 mac despite new driver

  • Last Post 11 February 2022
Richard Day posted this 10 February 2022

I have 2 Pegasus2 6 RAIDS. On my old intel Macbook, both mounted fine using an Apple Thunderbolt adapter.

I just got a new Macbook M1max and it will mount 1 of the 2 drives. 

The one that doesn't mount doesn't show up in disk utility.

I upgraded to the latest 32 driver to no effect.

I downloaded Promise Utility but every time I launch it it crashes the system.

I downloaded the 32 firmware update (multiple times) but my Mac says the file is corrupted. 

How can I get both RAIDS to mount as they did on the Intel Macbook?



Gautham Sakthi posted this 11 February 2022

Hello Richard,

Are the Pegasus daisy chained ?

Kindly create a support case at support.promise.com and attach the MAC system report so we can invetigate further and assist you.