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SANLink3 Does sanlink3 work on Lenovo USB-C?
David Quan posted this 01 April 2019

I see it as a USB device, but not as a network adapter. The windows 10 driver provided does not seem to do anything. Any help to get it to work in WIn10 Lenovo?

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SANLink Family SANLink2 10 GBase-T / Compatability
1qaz 2wsx posted this 06 March 2019

Hello, we have reade the SANLink2 10 GBase-T  compatability list, but need to confirm...


SANLink2 10 GBase-T 

Mac Mini (Late 2012)

Mojave 10.14.3


Ideally, we would use a SANLink3, and run it through an Apple TB3 to TB2 adaptor. But from what I have read, this isn't compatible?

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