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SANLink3 SanLink3 T1 + Mac Mojave - Server Connection Question
Elizabeth Hickey posted this 20 hours ago

I've connected a 10Gb ethernet to my iMac via the SanLink3 T1 and the system is recognizing the connection via the Thunderbolt slot (in my Network settings) but I no longer have any connection to my server. If I bypass the SanLink3 T1, the computer connects to the server without any issues.

I have downloaded the latest drivers and upgraded my O.S. to Mojave.


There is something I'm missing but I'm not sure what it is. 

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VESS A2000 Series Vess A2600 Redundancy Check
Kyle Dew posted this 4 weeks ago

I'm attempting to run a Redundancy Check on a 2600 but receiving the following informaiton; 
Start Redundancy Check - Failed to start redundancy check  logical drive has not been synchronized

I can see on the LD it states Synchronized = No.

Can anyone point in the the direction to resovle this 'Sync' problem, not sure what it is refering to.



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