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SANLink3 is sanlink3n1 complatible with intel computed stck model stk2m3w64cc
niwat saesoon posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 2 weeks ago

i plan to buy sanlink3n1 to meet my home internet 1000Mbps, with the computed stick alone  connect lan ethernet it cannot meet or close to 1000Mbps (around  400/100 Mbps only) These are equipment what i try to use with sanlink3n1 “to achive 1000Mbps or close to”

 1.ISP internet 1000/100 Mbps, confirm can meet over 900+ Mbps by imac pro.

2.cable cat6 connect from rounter to sanlink3 and usb a to c connect from sanlink3 to intel computed stick (usb slot 3.0)

3.rounter d-link  DIR895lL (4Gigabit lan port)


4.spec of intel computed stick windows10 64bit , spec as

all above equipments, the sanlink3n1 usable for me or not.

thank you


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SANLink3 What Ethernet chip set is used in the SANLink3 N1
Cameron Kay posted this 2 weeks ago

Is the Ethernet controller in the SANLink3 N1 the Aquantia AQC - 107S or something else?

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