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SANLink3 SANLink3 与MAC PRO Thunderbolt™2兼容问题
saywega sakosa posted this 2 weeks ago - Last edited 1 weeks ago


We have discovered that you have previously generated the online support case ID: SE ID: 20190823140248S for this matter, and we have provided a response to it.

Please provide us with an update on the progress of Sanlink3 for the specified case ID. dash subzero-thunderbolt-2%e5%85%bc%e5%ae%b9%e9%97%ae%e9%a2%98/

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VTrak D5000 Increased productivity of NAS
Alexey Shubin posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi, R P.


I found what the problem is, the problem is in the digital signature of SMB packages.


I turned off this function, now everything is fine.

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