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Pegasus3 Pegasus3 R6 can use SSD in Raid 50?
JONATAS GOULART SALOMÃO posted this 02 March 2024

Hello, recently a Toshiba HD in my R6 had a problem. I decided to buy 6 SSD RED WD Model WDS400T1R0A. My Raid is currently set up in raid 50 with 6 Toshiba HDs of 4T each. My question is: Does raid 50 work with this SSD model? I bought exactly the SSD model that Promise recommends for 4T. Thank you in advance for everyone's help.

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SANLink3 SanLink3 T1 macOS 11+ support (and Apple Silicon)
william shane posted this 22 February 2024 - Last edited 22 February 2024


I've got a SanLink3 T1 that appears to not work on later versions of macOS >10.15 (without workarounds), and doesn't function on Apple Silicon at all.  Are there/will there be Apple Silicon drivers for this? 

geometry dash

I tested this two years ago when I wanted to move to Apple Silicon and now my hand is being forced, yet there's still no driver support.

Official drivers for Mac computers with Apple Silicon processors are not yet available for the ATTO SanLink3 T1. This was the status of my latest update. It seems that customers on Apple Silicon devices and macOS versions higher than 10.15 have noticed compatibility problems.

It is advisable to get in touch with ATTO Technology directly to find out whether there are any updated drivers available for the SanLink3 T1 that support Macs with Apple Silicon. They might be able to tell you about any upcoming driver updates or other ways to make sure that the system works with more recent hardware architectures and macOS versions.

You might need to think of alternate fixes or workarounds in the meanwhile to deal with the incompatibilities between your Apple Silicon-based Mac computer and the SanLink3 T1. It can also be worthwhile to search community forums and internet resources for any user-developed drivers or patches that might make the device functioning on your system.

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