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SANLink Family Why is SANLink 3 T1 with MacBook Pro 2018 slower than SANLink2 width iMac 5k end 2016?
Phillip Hansen posted this 02 March 2023 - Last edited 02 March 2023

I have no problems using a SANLink 2 10GBase-T on a Mac Pro Late 2022 running macOS (and all previous versions).

You should be fine unless there are some particular problems with the Mac Mini TB2 ports.

Beware! With macOS Big Sur 11.2 there isn't a driver yet!

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SANLink3 SanLink3 T1 macOS 11+ support (and Apple Silicon)
Tristan Gulyas posted this 06 February 2023

I've got a SanLink3 T1 that appears to not work on later versions of macOS >10.15 (without workarounds), and doesn't function on Apple Silicon at all.  Are there/will there be Apple Silicon drivers for this?

I tested this two years ago when I wanted to move to Apple Silicon and now my hand is being forced, yet there's still no driver support.

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